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Broken Bones, Unbroken Resolve: Your Motorcycle Accident Claim Guide

Motorcycle accidents are common since riding a bike can pose several risks and hazards. Accidents occurring while riding a motorcycle or just being a passenger come with great force and intensity.  This leads to potential bone fractures. Such injuries often require significant medical attention, healing, and rehabilitation. 

Motorcycle broken bones injury claim in Atlanta provided by the best lawyers can help you with maximum accident compensation. 

Types of motorcycle collisions that can cause broken bones

There are certain types of specific types of accidents that are responsible for damages like broken bones:

  • Head-on collisions
    • Occurs when the front ends of two motorcycles moving in opposite directions crash into each other.
  • Side-swipe collisions
    • Occurs when another motorist merges into your motorcycle.
  • Distracted driving 
    • Occurs when someone is using their cell phone, eating, talking, or otherwise not paying attention to their surroundings when behind the wheel.
  • Intoxicated driving
    • Occurs when the other person is severely intoxicated with disorientation and lack of concentration.
  • Rear-end collisions 
    • These results are due to distracted or intoxicated driving.

Different types of broken bones in a motorcycle accident

There are several types of broken bone fractures that you may suffer as a motorcyclist. These include:

  • Forearm fractures
  • Skull fractures
  • Shinbone fractures
  • Spinal fractures
  • Pelvis injuries 

Different varieties of fractures 

Numerous types of breaks and fractures can occur after a motorcycle accident. 

  • Closed or simple fractures
    • These do not puncture through the skin to create wounds. 
  • Incomplete fractures 
    • This type of fracture does not break the bone in half but may appear as a crack.
  • Comminuted fractures 
    • These fractures often lead to several broken pieces.
  • Open or compound fractures 
    • These penetrate through the skin, creating wounds and increasing the risk of infections.
  • Compact fractures 
    • Such cases involve broken bones driven into each other.

Motorcycle accident broken bones claims

You deserve compensation for a motorcycle accident if someone else caused your injuries. This also includes short-term, and long-term rehabilitation. You can file a claim for the losses you suffer as a result of a motorcycle accident which includes:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Surgical procedures
  • Short and long-term rehab
  • Pain medications and treatments
  • Support at home for recovery
  • Costs related to complications 
  • Pain and suffering 

It is essential to document your injuries and the type of treatment and rehabilitation you receive to file a claim. Working with a lawyer helps ensure all your losses are represented in your claims.

Key takeaway 

Motorcycle accidents are common since the vehicle is less protected and more vulnerable to road traffic accidents. And, the impact can be so severe that you may end up fracturing your bones. However, you can claim compensation for your injury with the help of skilled and experienced lawyers. 

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