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Difference between Instagram Posts and Story

Instagram is the most popular photo and video-sharing platform after Facebook. This platform has gained huge popularity among the young generation and old generation as well. Celebrities, Influencers,  general- every class people are using Instagram nowadays.

You can share your photos, and videos on Instagram in many different ways. There is a post option, reels, stories, and live streaming options. The more you upload photos and videos, the more follower you get on Instagram. But you can purchase some followers as well. To buy likes and followers on Instagram you can take help from Mixx. In this article, I will try to enlighten you about Instagram posts and stories and the differences between them.

What is Instagram Post and Story?
Instagram Post

Instagram posts are generally the traditional feature of Instagram to share content like photos and videos. You can share a maximum of 10 photos and 60 minutes long videos. It includes filters, tags, locations, and hashtags while posting content.

The videos will appear on your followers’ feeds. Your followers will get a notification every time you post. Instagram posts are suitable when you want to save a memory for a long time. The memories can be a tour of your favorite place, a festival, a photoshoot, a vlog, etc.

Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are another way of sharing photos and videos having a duration of 24 hours. The videos of a story have 15 seconds duration and only one photo at a time. Instagram stories appear at the right of the follower’s profile picture. Your followers can your stories by tapping on your profile picture as well.

Instagram stories are perfect when you want to share some instant clicks or updates. They can be your today’s update or behind the scene activities. Though stories have 24 house life span they can be archived and saved to the highlights. 

What is the difference between  Instagram posts and stories??

Instagram posts and stories are basically two ways to share content on Instagram. People not using Instagram may think they are the same. But there are several differences between these two in terms of format, duration, availability, formality and etc. Some differences are as like-

Instagram posts are more formal than stories. When you post something on Instagram you have to think about captions, taggings, locations, and hashtags. On the other hand, Instagram stories are casual. You can share randomly any text, sudden click, and or short videos with a caption or without it.

Instagram posts are viewed horizontally to the followers’  feed while stories appear vertically. You can share up to 10 photos in a post at a time. You can only share a single photo only in a story. You can use social media to learn new things like world’s best car litter. Join different social group to get yourself up to date. 

The duration of an Instagram post’s video is a maximum of 60 minutes. It is permanent on your profile. Whereas, Instagram story’s video duration is 15 seconds which will appear for 24 hours on the followers’ feed.

Here is a summary of the above discussion- 

Features/ Options Instagram Post Instagram Story
Format Horizontal appearance Vertical appearance
Length 10 photos and a maximum of 60 minutes video 1 photo and a maximum of 15 seconds video
Location Followers’ feed Followers’ feed on the right side of the profile picture
Duration Permanent 24 hours

Instagram is a worldwide used platform for sharing and communicating through visual content. In some countries, people only use Instagram instead of any other social networking site. You can see your favorite celebrities’ updates, new product launches, and many things. So, before you use Instagram you should know the differences and overview of the Instagram features. Good luck!!

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