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How To See the Videos You Liked on Facebook

Facebook is the most used and biggest social networking platform. It is the most popular platform for communication. Facebook has developed its features drastically from the day of launch to till date to facilitate its users such as newsfeed, Job, Marketplace, Watch, Games, Memories, etc. Facebook is now used for various purposes like communication, promotion, education, awareness, and many others purposes. 

Businesses promote their products and services through Facebook marketing. Influencers can do personal marketing by making a good number of followers through their creative content. People share their YouTube videos, Tiktok videos, and vlogs on Facebook to get more views and followers just like YouTube. You can also generate some followers by purchasing them.  Buy likes and followers for your youtube channel from Youtube Storm. to get the best deal from Tiktok storm.  In this article, I am going to let you know how you can see your liked Videos on Facebook.

What is the benefit of liking a Video on Facebook?

Video watching is an amazing feature of Facebook used for multiple purposes such as entertainment and information sharing, promotion, etc. You can see a lot of entertaining as well as informative videos here such as movie clips, advertisements, tutorials, Life hacks, and many more. You can also learn many things from Facebook.

Whenever you watch a video of your interest, Facebook has the option to react to them. Formerly, one can only like videos. But now Facebook has added 4 more reaction options such as love, haha (funny), sad, and wow (amazed) options. It is much better to react to a video that you think deserves some appreciation. You can social media platforms to get more information about different things like farming hammer

Liking or reacting to a video means you have an interest in that content. And if you do so your watched video will never be lost. Rather you will get suggestions for similar content. 

How to see liked videos on Facebook?

Sometimes, users lose some interesting content while browsing on Facebook. It is quite disappointing to lose any interesting video you watch due to any reason. But don’t worry Facebook has got you covered. Once you liked any video it will be recorded by Facebook

As you use Facebook on both mobile and PC, there are two ways to see your like Videos on Facebook. But all the processes are because you use the same Facebook. There is no difference. So, let’s see how can you see the like videos on Facebook. Just follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, you have to open the Activity Log menu. For that, just tap on your Facebook profile and then tap below your profile picture. Activity Log will appear below the profile picture.
  • When you select activity log, some options will appear such as your posts, liked menu, interactions, connections, logged actions, and other activities. Tap or click on the ‘liked’  menu.
  • Then another list of options will appear such as posts you liked, and videos you like naming liked history. You have to select the option ‘Videos you liked’.
  • By the time, recently liked videos you have watched and reacted to will appear and you can find the lost video you want. 

Facebook videos are a great source of entertainment and information. You can learn, earn and promote through Facebook videos. So, my suggestion is that whenever content on Facebook attracts you, just leave a reaction to that content. Not only you will be able to find that content later but also you will see similar content on your feed. Try it now!!

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