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How to Wash a Baby Stroller

Strollers, as such, will eventually get dirty, gross even. Their tiny children consume food in them, nap in them, and sludge their diapers with them and the result is an unsightly mess. Splattered milk, cookie crumbs, mashed fruits, and the remnants of leaky diapers stain the fabric and then creep into the crevices and corners of your baby’s stroller. Make an emergency stop to do deep cleaning.

For advice on tackling grime, we sought advice from Joan Muratore, Consumer Reports expert on kid and baby products. Muratore is not just responsible for the stroller tests conducted by CR but has also evaluated the ease of cleaning hundreds of products for kids. Here are the methods, strategies, and methods she employs to clean up a dirty stroller.

The Tools

  1. Dust brush or hand vacuum
  2. T-shirt towels made of Terry (2 -3)
  3. Large bucket or bowl
  4. Warm water
  5. Laundry soap or mild dish soap
  6. Toothbrush
  7. Wooden grilling skewers
The Strategy

To ensure that spills don’t get covered, to begin with, it is recommended to clean them up right away. If you have a wet mess, such as yogurt or baby food that has been pureed, as well as apple sauce Muratore advises using a spoon or plastic knife to collect the bulk from the mess.

Make use of a dust brush and hand-held vacuum to eliminate any crumbs that have accumulated on the stroller’s seat and pockets.

Remove detachable parts

Remove the lumbuy stroller as much as you can. Some strollers are more detachable than others. Wash the pieces separately.

Make use of a toothbrush that has been dipped into the warm soapy water and clean the crevices, corners, and corners on your stroller. Clean gunk out of small cracks using a wooden grilling skewer.

Put a towel into the warm soapy water, and then begin scrubbing the stroller’s seat from the top to the bottom.

Wipe Surfaces

Make use of disinfectant wipes for cleaning and disinfect the hard components of your stroller like the handles, the buckles, and the wheels.

By the particular stroller, you have various components that could be easily cleaned. You might also be able to place plastic parts like trays and cup holders in the dishwasher, or even the seat made of fabric or canopy into the washer.

When Should You Turn To An Expert Cleaner?

Bodily fluids might be the signal to contact a professional. Vomit is a common source and the smell lasts.

Experts can also assist when taking strollers from storage for a long time if mildew or mold has started to develop.

Choose an expert with experience with the particular stroller model Also; inquire ahead regarding the kinds of cleaning products they’ll use.

How to Clean a Stroller: Summary

After you’ve learned to clean your lumbuy stroller using the Baby Quip method, get your cleaning tools and start cleaning! Call your local Baby Quip Cleaner and schedule an appointment now! If this sounds like something you could get into and want to learn more about joining the Baby Quip Cleaning team check out and schedule a meeting.

Are you struggling with a stain and need advice on how to remove it? Answer your questions in the comments section! We’ll send you a few before and after images of strollers for your enjoyment and delight. Enjoy cleaning!

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