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How To Watch History on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and biggest social networking platform. It is the most used platform for communication. From the introduction period to till date, Facebook has developed its features to facilitate its users such as newsfeed, Job, Marketplace, Watch, Games, Memories, etc. Now, it is not just a social networking site that is used for personal benefits, it is also used for commercial purposes.

People can promote their businesses and products. Influencers can do personal marketing by making a good number of followers through their creative content.  share their YouTube videos, Tiktok videos, and vlogs on Facebook to get more views and followers. One can also generate some followers by buying them. Click on buy TikTok views and followers from Tiktok storm. In this article, I am going to let you know how you can see your ‘Watch’ history on Facebook.

What is the Watch feature on Facebook?

‘Watch’ is an excellent feature of Facebook used for entertainment and informational purpose. You can see a lot of entertaining as well informative videos here such as movie clips, advertisements, tutorials, Life hacks, and many more. What is not in there!!

The Watch feature has both educative and recreational value. That’s why it is one of the most important features of Facebook. But sometimes while watching something on this feature, you lose it due to an uncertain occurrence. So does that mean you lost the video you were watching??

No, It’s not. Let’s know how you can get that video or content back again.

How to see watch history on Facebook?

It is disappointing to lose any interesting video you watch due to any reason. But don’t worry Facebook has got you covered. It has recorded the watch history for you. You can easily restore or rewatch the video by following a few steps.

You can see your watch in two different ways. One is on your mobile and the other is on your PC. But these two processes are the same. Just follow the following steps and you will get your watch history recovered.

  • First, you have to go to the Activity Log. To do that, tap on your Facebook profile and then tap below your profile picture. Below the picture Activity, Log will appear.
  • After selecting Activity Log, you will see some options like- your posts, interactions, connections, logged actions, and other activities. Click ‘Logged actions and other activity option 
  • Then another list of options will appear such as search history, videos you have watched, hidden from profile, logins and logouts and etc. You have to go for the option ‘Videos you’ve watched
  • In this section, you will see the recent videos you have watched and you can find the lost video you want.

After this, you can browse videos or delete any videos if you want. This process is the same for all the devices you will find. It may take some time.

But there is a faster process to see the watch history. It is as in the following-

  • Just enter your Facebook profile and tap on the video icon.
  • You will see options like live, games, saved, etc. Tap on the ‘Saved’ option.
  • You will find options like liked videos, finish watching and watch history. Just tap or click on the ‘Watch history’ menu. Thus you will get your recent videos there!

Facebook has become a part and parcel of people’s life. You can find any type of information here starting from entertainment to religion. The watch menu on Facebook is an essential feature because it contains the most content we all are looking for. So, my suggestion is whenever you watch a video on Facebook you can easily get back to it. Otherwise, just follow the above steps.

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