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Philips universal remote Codes List

Are you looking for Philips Universal remote codes? yes, you came to the correct place to get Philips universal remote codes here.  Philips One For All products features a universal remote for your electronic devices. Our universal remote controls let you control up to eight different devices at once in your home. This means that you can control your Philips television, home theater system, and streaming devices like Apple TV, Freeview/Sat/Cable, DVD player, and Blu-ray player all with the same remote!

The ability of universal TV remotes for Philips products to perform the same functions as the original remote control is the best feature. As a result, you can control your Philips television with the One For All Philips TV remote. Even the most common Phillips functions, such as Home, Ambilight, Menu, and Browse, are available to you. Even better, our Philips TV remote is compatible with all LCD, LED, and Plasma models of Philips television. You can easily control your television as well as your set-top box (SAT/Cable/Freeview), sound system, Blu-ray/DVD player, (IR) game console (PS2/Xbox), sound bar, and streaming device (Apple TV). Installing a universal Philips television remote lets you continue using these electronic devices even in the event that you misplace one of the remotes.

Philips Universal remote Codes

Besides performing the same functions as the original remote controls, Philips universal remotes also feature some distinctive features. With the assistance of some of these features, our universal remotes are able to differentiate themselves from the competition. There are several features included in this program, including “Activity Keys,” “Learning Function,” and “Macro.” There are even more distinct features on the Philips TV remote codes than those listed below.

ABEX 0120
ADMIRAL 0603, 0224, 0701
ADVENT 0219, 0893
AIKO 0407
AIWA 0121, 0221, 0324, 0528
AMARK 0603
AKAI 0112, 0801, 0309, 0027
  • Activity Keys: Our Philips TV remote’s “Activity Keys” let you finally control multiple devices like they were one. You won’t have to switch between different devices any longer if you use the specialized buttons on the universal remote. You can use the buttons to do things like “Watch TV,” “Play Game,” and “Listen to Music.” You might actually make your own custom exercises!
  • Learn to use your Philips TV remote: With this “Learning Feature,” you can instruct your TV remote to learn other functions from other remote controls.. Therefore, the learning feature can be utilized if you want your universal remote to perform functions that are absent or advanced from other audio or video devices. We wrote a blog post about Learning Features that explains how to use this feature in detail.
  • Macro: Philips TV remotes have an option called macros, which allows you to program commands to the remote. You can, for instance, turn off all connected electronic devices with a single button press by programming a series of commands. With the “Macro” feature, commands can be made in any way you want!

Philips remotes require that you hold down the MAGIC key.

  • Your universal Philips remote can be connected to any device you choose.
  • Finally, to set up your Philips brand and device, hold down the digit key. You must release the key as soon as the device turns off, and the remote’s LED will blink twice.

Are you unsure whether the universal Philips TV remote control is appropriate for you? Or do you struggle to select the appropriate remote control from our selection? For assistance, make use of our Remote Wizard. Regardless of which Philips universal remote or Philips TV remote replacement you choose, your television viewing experience just got a little bit better!

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