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Greeting Card Brands: 6 Creative Ways to Target Generation Z

Nobody is surprised to hear that millennials and Gen Zers are less likely to send physical greeting cards these days. Gen Z still sends cards; in fact, the greeting card industry is seeing growth from a younger generation.

Add QR Codes

You can still attract younger customers by including digital features, even if your primary product is physical stationery. For example, one of the most interesting developments in the greeting card industry is the use of QR codes, which enable customers to personalize their cards with online pictures and videos.

Similar personalized QR codes might easily be offered by other greeting cards. Customers could even be able to scan a QR code that links to a humorous video or tweet that they have shared with their friends.

Give A Digital Handwriting Service A Shot

Individuals from Generation Z will be especially interested in any solution that simplifies the process of purchasing and sending greeting cards.  Companies that make greeting cards have been quick to adopt digital handwriting technology which is a plus point in targeting the Gen Z.

Share Social Good Actions

Younger consumers prefer community- and environment-focused brands. Making people feel like they’re buying from a company that gives back will boost your brand’s popularity. Companies can achieve this by contributing part of their profits to a subject they care about. Despite spending money, younger buyers will feel invested in the brand.

Create Timeless Cards

Gen Z shoppers prefer funny greeting cards. This may lead companies to use TikTok memes, stickers, and jokes to generate ironic cards.

But companies should be cautious that internet jokes or memes that they use for TikTok greeting cards—like calling a buddy the TikTok Queen—can swing from funny to cringeworthy in an instant, particularly among Gen Z customers. Modern but lasting famous figure custom video greeting designs are needed.

Go For The Feels

The digital touchpoints often lack the human connection. greeting cards are a great way to communicate with potential customers and clients, so use them to your benefit. There is a better connection between the sender and the recipient for three-quarters of those who receive cards. Consequently, instead of using “sales speak” in your cards, try to leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

Delight In The Little Things

Millennials are going through a lot of major life events, which could explain why they love sending greeting cards.

By the way, people’s spending habits and the services they may require can change at certain points in time, such as wedding anniversaries, first houses, new baby announcements, and professional changes.

 Keeping focus on important dates and sending cards when they approach shows that you’re aboard for the emotional journey.


The millennial generation is between the primes of their working and personal lives. They are also very brand loyal and are showing signs of increasing purchasing power annually. Make it clear to the millennials in your customer database that you intend to earn their trust and loyalty.

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