The 2016 Lincoln MKX features Quiet Luxury, a standard that blends intelligent and exquisite design with a safe, easy ride and a pleasant, customized experience.

Lincoln MKX further solidifies Lincoln’s position in the midsize premium utility class, one of the major luxury categories in the United States and accounting for nearly one-fourth of the retail luxury automobile market.

Choice of a new engine

The optional advanced 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged Ti-VCT EcoBoost V6 engine, which is SAE-rated at 335 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 380 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,000 rpm on premium gasoline, is the engine of choice for the 2016 Lincoln MKX.

The basic 3.7-liter V6 is SAE-rated at 303 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 278 lb.-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm.

A six-speed automatic gearbox with SelectShift® and push-button shift is paired with both engines. Intelligent All-Wheel Drive is an option; front-wheel drive is the norm.

More easygoing and secure riding

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, the first Lincoln to offer this technology, engages at speeds above 3 mph and may assist prevent or decrease the severity of certain frontal collisions.

The brakes are automatically engaged if the system senses an impending accident and no remedial action is taken.

Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Lincoln MKX a 5-Star overall rating.

The ratio between a driver’s steering input and the steering angle of the front wheels may be altered with available adaptive steering.

This is a set steering ratio in conventional steering systems. With this approach, steering responsiveness is optimized in all circumstances since the steering ratio varies continuously with vehicle speed.

Standard electric power-assisted steering modifies steering sensation by corresponding to the Lincoln Drive Control mode selected by the driver. EPAS gives you an extra kick for smooth agility at lower speeds. In order to provide the driver a more accurate steering feel at greater speeds, EPAS enhances steering effort and feedback.

An excellent driving experience is made possible by EPAS and adaptive steering working together:

  • While adaptive steering lessens the amount of wheel turning required, EPAS minimizes effort.
  • The driver does not need to depress the brake pedal to keep the car stopped in traffic thanks to the new Auto Hold function. When the accelerator is depressed, Auto Hold automatically releases the brakes.
  • Lincoln Drive Reduction orchestrates available continuously regulated damping, electric power-assisted steering, and active noise control to enhance the driving experience and maximize performance.
  • The three available driving modes are regular, sport, and comfort.
  • Active noise management improves overall sound quality by canceling out extraneous sounds, creating a pleasant interior and a better atmosphere for listening to music and making calls while driving.

Other options to help the driver effortlessly include:

  • When the flow of traffic in front of the car slows, adaptive cruise control employs sensors to identify this. When the sensors indicate that traffic is no longer present, the car automatically slows down and returns to cruise speed.
  • The Lane-Keeping System consists of Lane-Keeping Aid and Lane-Keeping Alert. In order to warn drivers when they are leaving their lane, Lane Keeping Alert vibrates the steering wheel. Drivers are encouraged to steer toward the middle of the lane by a gentle steering input from Lane-Keeping Aid.
  • A sideview mirror indication is shown by the blind spot information system, or BLIS, to alert the driver when a vehicle enters one of its blind areas.
  • When a car backs out of a parking place, the cross-traffic warning system monitors traffic coming from either side and alerts the driver with a visual and auditory tone when another vehicle is nearby.

With the access key, you may also kick your foot under the back bumper to unlock the hands-free power liftgate that is an available feature. The height may be altered, and the liftgate can be shut either manually or by pressing a button.

Improved 360-degree park assist camera

The technologies and functionalities have been coordinated to provide a seamless experience. For instance, the front camera is hidden under the Lincoln Star insignia. When the button is depressed when the vehicle is in Drive, Park, or Neutral, the Lincoln Star insignia extends outward by roughly 1 inch and tilts upward to deploy the available front camera.

The camera system also provides a 180-degree split view, which is useful for scanning the area when there is cross-traffic. Parking is facilitated by the 360-degree vision, which displays up to 7 feet all around the car.

The 12-sensor ultrasonic system allows all of the parking-assist capabilities, including front- and rear-side detection, parallel and perpendicular parking, and park out.

Two new Black Label themes with elegant design

A stylish and strong look is emphasized by broad, proud shoulders, dramatic side undercuts and belt lines, and ingenious details like the incorporated antenna.

The optional full-LED front headlights are cleverly designed as blades rather than projectors, matched with the Lincoln split-wing grille’s horizontal design.

The radio antenna is housed in a “powerdome” that is incorporated into the rear spoiler. The distinctive full-width taillamp uses a filter to make the lamp seem as a single unit rather than as a collection of scattered light sources.

The interior combines practicality with ethereal shapes to evoke a feeling of opulent adventure. It is gorgeous but calm, and it is both open and cocoon-like.

A full flow through from the instrument to the central console is made possible by the push-button gear change. With two layers of open space, this implementation produces a stunning open suspension bridge that flows from the instrument panel to the center console.

From the instrument cluster to the doors, there is an implicit flow. The total result gives the impression of spaciousness and visual breadth. The experience is enhanced by luxurious materials and superb craftsmanship.

Four themes for Lincoln Black Label have been offered at launch. The Muse, which was inspired by the manner, way of life, and artistic scene of 1920s Paris, and Thoroughbred, which was motivated by the fervor, passion, and spectacle of high-stakes horse racing, is a possibility. There is also an option of Modern Heritage and Indulgence.

Warm and individualized service

The available 22-way multicontour front seats with Active Motion® may be adjusted for preference and comfort, reducing muscular fatigue.

Through a shift in the muscle activation of the pelvic region, the unique Active Motion feature, which causes a tiny continuous movement in the seat cushion, helps to lessen the possibility of back discomfort. This function, which was created in part with feedback from orthopedic specialists, is particularly useful on lengthy journeys or when stuck in traffic.

The fit and shape of the seat may be customized for the driver and passenger. The power cushion thigh extender and the four-way power head restraint both allow for further adjustments.

When the motorist approaches within about 9 feet, Lincoln Experiences welcomes them. The lower LED daytime running lights gradually get brighter, and the folding mirrors display a “welcome mat” onto the ground. Additionally, door knobs have illumination that matches the external hue.

Interior sequence lighting turns on the cupholders, pass-through, instrument panel, front door handles, front map pockets, and rear doors starting at the bottom of the cabin. Lighting turns off in the opposite sequence.

All passengers enjoy the energizing open-air ride and a bird’s-eye view of the passing countryside thanks to the optional panoramic Vista Roof®.

On the 2016 Lincoln MKX Select and Reserve, a 13-speaker Revel system created for the greatest audio quality experience is offered. What this system has:

  • Every door has Revel’s trademark waveguides, assuring the best performance.
  • Three listening modes are provided by QuantumLogic® Surround Sound technology for an immersive, multidimensional surround sound experience from any source.
  • a 12-channel Class-D amplifier with greater dynamics and good efficiency
  • Increased transient responsiveness and clean, undistorted sound are provided by field-balancing shorting rings.
  • Privately developed spectrum and power management techniques that reduce dynamic compression for exceptional quality at any volume
  • Lincoln Black Label variants come standard with the Revel Ultima system, while Reserve vehicles may also have it.

Additionally, it includes:

  • 19 speakers were designed using point source architecture for the highest level of musical accuracy.
  • For all compressed audio sources, our Clari-FiTM technology offers cutting-edge, real-time music restoration.

High-voltage hybrid amplifier with 20 channels for class-leading dynamics and improved transparency

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