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Some Facts About Car Shipping Which You Must Know

Whether you are traveling to another place for job purpose or relocating completely, hiring shipping services would be the ideal choice. But you need to ensure that you are hiring the best company that offers shipping services. Most people think that their job is done by simply hiring shipping services. But this is not true. You must also keep your car ready for shipping.

Your car doesn’t have to be in the running state for shipping. However, only some shipping companies offer shipping services to non-running vehicles. For shipping non-running cars, most companies charge a higher shipping cost. Looking for the best automobile freight services? Choose the services of reputed shipping firms like Ship a Car, Inc. Below are some important things that you must know when shipping a car.

  • A lot of people hesitate to request for a quote from shipping companies thinking that they have to disclose so much information. Often, all that is required is a phone number, car type, name, delivery city, and pickup city. For an estimate on auto shipping, you don’t even need precise addresses. Once you will send the required details to an auto-shipping company, they will get back to you with a quote. If any company requests your credit card or debit card details, it indicates a red flag.
  • You need to have the appropriate documentation on hand if you are planning to ship your car. You must show proof that you are the owner of the car. To demonstrate legitimate ownership, title, as well as registration, are necessary. In order to prove your identity, you must carry your photo ID proof which was authorized by the government.

Most shipping companies will send you an email or text message which includes the pickup date and time of your car and driver details. Check the identity proof of the driver to verify whether you are handing over your vehicle to the right person.

  • Car shipping firms have different levels of insurance coverage. Get in touch with your insurance provider to find out if they demand any additional fees to cover potential shipment losses. The insurance coverage must be compared to your car’s worth. If the default insurance coverage is way less than the value of your car, you would need additional insurance which you must buy from your side. Taking additional insurance is extremely important if yours is an antique or high-end car.
  • Learn about the different shipping options available before you make your choice. Open transportation exposes your vehicle to natural elements like air, rain, etc. This doesn’t happen in the case of enclosed shipping services. Depending on your car type you must make your choice.

If your car is a high-end car, it is better to choose the enclosed shipping services due to the fact that it provides greater security to your vehicle. Although enclosed shipping is more expensive, it can make sure that your car will reach the destination in proper condition.

Find a good shipping company today to ship your car easily and safely!

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