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SUVs: The Ultimate All-Purpose Vehicle

Modern-day travelers are spontaneous, impulsive, and adventurous in their journeys. They are the ones who’ll take their car for a drive and just decide to turn it into a road trip. That’s the kind of free-spirited attitude travelers have today. So it is no surprise that they love SUVs so much. 

From space to ruggedness, SUVs provide everything you could ask for in a vehicle. SUVs give you a very unique kind of flexibility, something that other cars cannot. Want to travel to work every day? There’s enough legroom to carpool with your colleagues! Fancy off-roading to witness the setting sun in a scenic valley? The rugged design will help you reach your destination with ease.

SUVs are undeniably the ultimate all-purpose vehicle out there. Let’s dive deeper into why they work for every kind of traveler.

A Reliable Ride For Daily Commutes

When you commute daily or frequently, you need a car that can support you through your journey without any fuss. There are various models of smaller-sized SUVs ideal for daily commutes, which allow you to experience the robustness of an SUV without buying an enormous one. Here’s how:


SUVs are preferred mainly for the legroom and storage you get. Even with the smaller-sized models, you can travel with your family or friends comfortably without dropping the back seat. Not only that, but you will also have space for bags and equipment you might need at work. Because of their large frames and spacious interiors, SUVs are capable of carrying more weight compared to hatchbacks. This is ideal for someone who has to carry heavy cargo daily. 

Fuel-efficient And Economical

With time, car manufacturers have studied the way SUV users travel and constantly worked towards making them more economical. One way they have successfully helped SUV users save money is by upgrading the cars with more fuel-efficient engines that reduce the costs of running. This has made them even more suited for daily use than before. With further advancements, various brand-new SUVs are electric, becoming significantly more economical and environment-friendly.

Safe Rides

Thanks to their size, SUVs are safer than other vehicles. Not only do they protect all the occupants in an actual crash and reduce the chances of severe injuries, but they are equally efficient at preventing crashes altogether. SUVs have state-of-the-art driver assistance systems that can detect risks on the road, such as reckless driving or sharp turns. Features like parking sensors or blind spot assistance are also useful in preventing accidents. Overall, you and your loved ones can commute daily while being completely safe and secure in an SUV.

A No-Brainer For Off-Roading

While they have changed by leaps and bounds over time, the tough nature and off-road capabilities of SUVs have not been lost. They work just as effectively on rough roads as they do on city streets. Here’s what makes them ideal for off-roading.

All-Terrain Vehicles

SUVs are made for the spontaneous traveler who doesn’t shy away from exploring unexplored roads. Thanks to their high ground clearance and collision bearers, they survive rough terrain without breaking down or giving you trouble. SUVs also have wide tires that give them more traction on different terrains. With their 4×4 systems, you can avoid getting stuck in a muddy field and drive with ease through uneven rocky terrains. 

Ample Storage Space

Imagine going on a camping trip with your family. Each member has a haversack of their own and camping equipment like tents, sleeping bags, foldable chairs, tables, and more. Now, if you own a regular car, fitting all this will mean your family not getting the comfort they deserve on this trip. But with an SUV, there’s so much storage space available for any and every piece of equipment you may want to take on your trip without compromising on the comfort of your loved ones. 

Rent The Right SUV

Now that you know an SUV is suitable for all kinds of travelers, you might consider getting one for yourself. But there’s a more convenient option to drive an SUV than buying it: renting it!

With self-drive mobility solutions like ekar, you can select the right SUV for your needs from a wide range of models available. Moreover, it offers flexible plans and transparent pricing, allowing you to travel on your own terms while also getting a fair deal. The organization goes out of its way to maintain its cars well and also offers 24×7 customer support.

So, which SUV are you renting for your next trip?

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